*** Message from the Chief Range Safety Officer ***


The rules for this year went into effect on November 1, 2016. You will receive a copy when your membership is renewed. Rules signs are being made and will be posted on all ranges. Please read the rules before you come to use the ranges.

The rules were reformatted this year to conform to NRA recommendations. My hope is the rules will be easier to understand and follow. Some rules changes were made:
*This year the range fee for anyone under 18 was eliminated. We want to promote youth participation in all the shooting sports as much as possible. This is covered in number 3 on the Administrative rules.

  • In rule 10, target height on the outdoor ranges is not to exceed 48” this includes steel targets. This was always one of those “unwritten” rules that has now been documented and will be enforced. Our berms are not high enough to allow higher targets.
  • Number 8 in the Administrative Rules has been clarified. The member must be within arm’s reach of non member or under age shooter at all times when handling or shooting firearms or bows. Please read carefully, if you don’t understand come to a meeting or ask an RSO.
  • A family membership has been added to the Bylaws, covered in rule 9, Administrative Rules. This will allow a spouse of a member full range privileges after the spouse passes the Safety Orientation Course.

We continue to work on the Short Range Bays. Much work remains, but the plans for completion are in place.
In closing, read the rules closely. If you don’t understand, ask someone. If you need training, CDSA has a number of NRA certified instructors offering classes. Check the web site and bulletin boards. Our goal is for everyone to have a positive and safe experience on all our ranges.

Thank you.
Tom Mance
CDSA Chief Range Safety Officer

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