Club Rules


Safety must be your first priority when using the ranges. Please keep muzzles pointed in a safe direction and DO NOT EVEN TOUCH FIREARMS WHEN ANYONE IS ON THE RANGE. – Don’t put them in a case, don’t adjust the sights, don’t touch them. Just stand back and wait for the range to be declared HOT. When the range is HOT, you may handle your firearm. You are responsible for your bullets after they leave your barrel (and arrows after they leave your bow). You must be sure that you are shooting in a safe direction using a designated backstop. Members not practicing safe firearms handling are not welcome and can be asked to leave by any member. Please remember that cameras are installed on both the indoor and outdoor ranges, as well as the parking lot. The video is stored electronically and can be played back if necessary.


CDSA Range Fees
Member Guest
Indoor Range $2.00 $5.00
Outdoor/Archery $1.00 $5.00

NOTE:  Under 18 years of age not required to pay range fee.

Download CDSA Range Rules 11-01-2016

CDSA Range Rules 11-01-2016 (002)

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