Silhouette Schedule

Coraopolis District Sportsmen’s Association
2016 National Rifle Association
Hunter’s Pistol, Smallbore, Hunter’s Pistol,
Conventional and Unlimited Smallbore Standing,
Pistol Cartridge, Cowboy Lever Action
Smallbore Cowboy Silhouette Rifle,
Smallbore Rifle,
Silhouette Program


COMPETITION DATES: April 16, May 21, June 18, July 16, August 20, September 17.
Competition is open to all.

FIRING: Matches will start at 9:30 AM. Entries accepted until 3:00 PM. At 1:00 PM, Smallbore Rifle, along with Unlimited and Conventional Smallbore. Standing Pistol will start and run concurrently with the other disciplines until all registered shooters are finished.

ENTRY FEES: Match fee is $7.00 per gun and practice rounds are $4.00 per gun. Shooters who wish to be eligible for awards in the Sanctioned Match must purchase an NRA Silhouette classification book and pay the Match fee.

MATCH COURSE: The course of fire will consist of 10 shots each; Chickens at 40 meters, Pigs at 50 meters (including Smallbore Rifle), Turkeys at 75 meters, and Rams at 100 meters. Reverse animal count will break all ties. If a tie still exists after applying the reverse animal count, the prize money will be split between the tied competitors.

RULES: Eye and ear protection is MANDATORY. Use of Open Bore Indicators is MANDATORY. Current NRA Silhouette rules and local range rules will apply. Commands to Load, Fire and Clear will be given by the Range Officer. Any load that damages targets will not be allowed.

AWARDS: Cash will be awarded to Match Winners and to 1st Place in each class. 2nd place will be awarded if there are 6 or more shooters in a class. 3rd place will be awarded if there are 12 or more shooters in a class. Five and Ten in a row pins are available for purchase for shooters who earn them ($2.00 per pin).

CLASSIFICATION: NRA Silhouette classification will be used. Unclassified shooters will compete in the highest class available the first time they compete.

GENERAL: There is ample parking available. Food and beverages will be available. For directions to the range, contact the Club at 412.264.9920 or Terry Willis (Match Director) at 412.915.1193

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